In lieu of recent talk to overturn Roe V. Wade, I began researching the culture, social implications, and system, around having a baby. I quickly fell into a rabbit hole of forums for new mothers, which cover everything they should do –– or rather need to do in the sense of not being labeled as a “bad mother”. This brought me to think about the ways mothers exist through societal lenses, and so I created 4 rooms to my game representing these “labels”.

The mother bee: the mother who embodies the idealization of what all women should be.

The inattentive worker: the mother who puts her own work before her child.

The cramped: the mother who was not physically or mentally ready to bear a child.

The raped: the mother who did not consent to having her vessel carry a being.

"Motherly Tendencies" is an interactive game. I arranged the production of the virtual space by first creating assets in blender, then converting them into unity’s HDRP 3d system. I then created a player controller to interact with the space and trigger animations and audio. Each mother has a spatial audio component given to enhance the users experience of the game.

**Some of the assets included in the game were found on turbosquid and are open source **