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effervescent shadow bazaar

In December 2022, a collective of artists, designers, animators, and musicians at Carnegie Mellon University collaborated in the production of an evening-length immersive art and music experience that combined light and shadow animation, ambisonic 3D soundscapes, interactive video installations and electronic sensory devices. The two-hour event was presented in three parts at WQED Studios in Pittsburgh, PA, interweaving explorable interactive artworks with live music and computational art performances. A co-production of Carnegie Mellon University School of Art, School of Music, and IDeATe programs, the event featured artists and designers working in "Shadow Play" (School of Art/IDeATe) and "Electronic Logics && Creative Practice" (IDeATe) studios, as well as electronic sound artists and a low-brass ensemble, including members of the "Exploded Ensemble" (School of Music/IDeATe) and the "Tartan Tuba Band" (School of Music).

Artistic Directors: Johannes DeYoung, Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh, Lance Laduke, Erin Mallea, Jesse Stiles, Robert Zacharias

Contributing Artists, Designers, Musicians, and Performers: Sabrina Alvarez, Anisha Baid, Colby Batchelor, Blaine Black, Danny Carey, Karen Chan, Ryan Domalik, Cole Fayemi, Bruce Gao, Magda Gourinchas, Nicole Guccione, Hunter Kane, Anabelle Kang, Ella Keegan, B Kleymeyer, Jasper Krarup, Seyoung Lee, Emmanuel Lugo, Sunniva Lui, Adrian Ma, Adam Mtimet, Takumi Natsume, Liam Neely, Daniel Ocanto, William Ozeas, Gabriel Prado, Casandra Rausch, Cody Rong, Chansocphentra Salcido, Cole Savitz-Vogel, Harry Schneider, Dariyah Scott, Claudia Shassberger, Audry Stuart, Zachary Sussman, Carmyn Talento, Anishwar Tirupathur, Lillian Van Veen, Alex Wang, Katherine Wang, Logan Willis, Annika Wu, Laura Wu, Caroline Yoo, Emiliano Zetune, Allen Zhu


real-time animation
procedural PBRs


1.5 month-long production;
november → december (2022)
made in 60-415: shadow play

software used

touch designer

meet the team!

(left to right)

Magda Gourinchas

full node tree

Special Thanks to:
Professor Johannes DeYoung for always organizing a great event!

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