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carnegie mellon university | QPA 3.89

pittsburgh, 2019-2023

bachelor of fine arts

concentration in electronic time-based media (etb)

minor in animation and special effects

minor in business administration


california college of the arts

oakland, 2017

illustration and painting pre-college program



sunset rollercoaster x never young beach | 3d animator

remote, 2022

3d animator for music videos Impossible Isle & こんにちは


amy feldman | artist assistant

remote, 2020

in-person, brooklyn, 2021

studio assistant for artist; amy feldman


anon(ymous), a modern retelling of the odyssey | animator

pittsburgh (remote), 2021

directed by ricardo vila-roger



software/code       practical expertise                languages

html/css                video-editing                        french

javascript               research/data-collection           fluent

p5.js                      storyboarding                      english

arduino/c               illustrating                               fluent

autodesk maya       woodworking                       adobe

unity                      ideating                              photoshop

unreal engine 5      tufting                                 illustrator

blender                  box-modeling                       after effects

procreate               data visualization                 premiere pro




60210  etb: interactivity | fall 2020

60426  adv. etb: 2d animation | spring 2021

70381  marketing | spring 2021

60413  real-time animation | fall 2021

60355  professional development: animation & VFX | fall 2021

60398  social history of animation | fall 2021

60414  adv. etb: animation, art, & technology | spring 2021

60337 IDeAte: storyboarding | spring 2022

70443  digital marketing and social media strategy | spring 2022

60415  shadow play | fall 2022

53322  IDeAte: indie RPG studio | fall 2022

60419  experimental game studio: digital playgrounds | fall 2022


acm siggraph faculty submitted student work showcase | blinded

remote, 2022

selected group


culture | nested

center for post-natural history, pittsburgh, 2022

selected group


between air and water lines | within four walls

cmu college of fine arts, pittsburgh, 2021

selected group


acm siggraph faculty submitted student work showcase

remote, 2021

selected group


asifa hollywood student animation showcase

remote, 2021

selected group


the self and the human being

the frame gallery, pittsburgh, 2019

selected group


international baccalaureate body of work showcase

berkeley, 2019


cca pre-college exhibition

oakland, 2018

selected grouP



dean's list | spring 2021, fall 2021, spring 2022, fall 2022

carnegie mellon university


regina gouger miller art scholarship | 2019

carnegie mellon university


change maker project grant | 2018

berkeley high school

donation received for creating a data visualization website on the united states opioid epidemic



johannes deyoung

 | mentor/professor

alexa lim haas

 | employer/professor


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